Coming Soon!

Flashdogs-1-facebook (1)

I will have two stories in this anthology coming out in December 2014. The anthology gathers a wide range of flash writers from the international community and will surely be a great read. I’ll let you know as I know the exact release date, but it is expected to be mid-December.

I’m also helping out with the ebook design, and it has been a treat to work with the book’s two main editors, Mark A. King and David Shakes. Follow @Flashdogs for updates about the anthology and future Flashdogs projects.

The image above is by Tam Rogers. Please do not reproduce without permission.


One thought on “Coming Soon!

  1. Dear Emily, Flashdogs sounds and looks (great picture) most appealing. I’ll watch for it. Any chance you could conveniently send me your two contributions? N is off to the Caribbean, already gone six days. Seems mildly bleak here. Thank dogness for Lizzie and Toby. Lizzie follows me around even more with N gone. Hope to see you and b next week at Joe’s. Dein, Dad Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2014 02:02:03 +0000 To:


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