Pre-Order Five Hundred Words of Magic



You can now pre-order Five Hundred Words of Magic on Amazon for Kindle. Other versions coming on release day, January 3rd! Twelve cutting edge authors write magical flash!


2014 Recap and 2015 Vision

2014 was a big year for me on the editing/revisions front. After a slow start—Apple ate my computer for six weeks—I completely revised my book, The Gantean, and the next book in my Lethemia Fantasy series, The Cedna. I finished and revised the third book in that series as well! All of these drafts are currently in the beta reading phase of their existence, like little chrysalises waiting to become butterflies. Or so I hope.

This year I created a new, special edition of The Velocipede Racesanother revision! The new version is planned for a December 2015 release by a medium-sized press. More info about that will come down the road.

I wrote a lot of short stories in 2014. Most were for flash fiction contests; some were for submissions or just for fun. Partnering with other flash aficionados, I helped produce the flash fiction anthology, Flashdogs. Two of my stories, “The Painted Dog” and “Accidental Bodies,” were featured there. Some of you may recognize yet another revision—I took my short story, “The Painted Dog,” down from 10,000 words to under 4000. Whew! I also wrote some bike-themed short fiction for another volume of EBP’s Bikes in Space coming next year.

LCP created our own anthology, Five Hundred Words of Magic, from the stories submitted for our Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness contest. I produced that anthology along with Beth D, and it will available in a mere week on most ebook platforms. Look for it January 3rd.

My biggest accomplishment this year was publishing my second novel, Secret Room, a dark book that wasn’t the easiest story to channel or put out there for the world to see. Thank you to the readers and commenters who offered support for a book with an uncomfortable theme.

As for 2015, I have big goals. I hope to publish The Gantean and The Cedna, and possibly Lethemia Book Three. I want to write flash fiction regularly, and I’ve committed to formatting and copy-editing the second volume of Flashdogs.

I’ve still got plenty of my own editing and revising to do, what with Lethemia books four through seven in the queue. I also have two big, very important goals: to finish drafting at least one of the many half-written novels littering my desktop, and to write a Pilates book for LCP’s first foray into nonfiction.

Seems like 2015 will be an even busier year than 2014! Wish me luck.

Five Hundred Words of Magic


I’ve been doing my best to stay on top of formatting the anthology Five Hundred Words of Magic as the Luminous Creatures contest has progressed, so that I am now nearly done even though we just got the final entries yesterday. The ebook and print versions are looking great—they just need a final proofread and they’ll be ready to publish. For those of you who don’t know, Five Hundred Words of Magic is a flash fiction anthology published by Luminous Creatures Press—the mini-press Beth Deitchman and I created as a vehicle for our creative energies—featuring magical stories in five hundred words or less.

We’ll be featuring stories and art by: David Borrowdale, N.E. Chenier, Catherine Connolly, Beth Deitchman, Jacki Donnellan, Holly Geely, Mark. A. King, Christian Miller, Voima Oy, Karl. A. Russell, David Shakes, Emily June Street, A.J. Walker, Brady Wedman, and Jerry Wingren.

LCP anticipates that the anthology will be ready for release early January, 2015. More updates to come.


Last Week for Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness

This is the last week of Luminous Creatures Press’s  winter flash fiction contest. I posted the photo prompt this morning, and LCP will be accepting submissions of 500 words or less until Sunday 12/21 at 7 am PST. If you’ve been wanting to participate in the fun, this is your final chance. Each week up to four stories are selected for inclusion in the contest anthology. All stories considered for the anthology will explore the theme of magic. Here’s a repost of this week’s prompt image by Christian Miller. To submit a story, visit LCP’s website.


The Flashdogs are here!

Ebook Cover

The Flashdogs’ first anthology of flash fiction is now released and ready for purchase. I contributed two stories and helped with formatting the ebook. It is available NOW, HERE on Amazon. Here is my review–I was privileged to read the whole volume during the formatting process.

This anthology presents over one hundred micro-stories from a broad range of authors, spanning the genre from poetry to flash fiction with entire story arcs contained in tiny word counts. Flash fiction is a tricky art requiring that rarest of authorial traits—restraint. I was impressed by the variety and valor of the The Flashdogs. An interesting rhythm unifies this collection. Each writer had up to three short independent pieces, followed by a prompt piece, which was dependent on a photograph presented at the front of the book. I enjoyed the pieces written for the prompt; it was fascinating to see how thirty-four different imaginations reacted to one image.

Story highlights included: Witch Pegs by David Shakes, a creepy piece that chilled me to my bones; Rain Dance by Beth Deitchman, a vivid, well-told tale; The Writer’s Mill, by Casey Rose Frank, darkly funny and striking; On The Web by Jacki Donnellan, a simple yet potent piece; The Code by Rebekah Postupak, a fully realized fantasy tale; Issue P14 by Elaine Marie McKay, science fiction looking at the all-too-human tendencies of desperate parents; Glassfire by Chris Milam, an edgy look behind the curtain of addiction; and Lilies by Eric Martell, a story that explored the horrors of virulent illness.

If you’ve never read flash fiction before, Flashdogs would be a good place to start to see a spectrum of its possibilities.