The Flashdogs are here!

Ebook Cover

The Flashdogs’ first anthology of flash fiction is now released and ready for purchase. I contributed two stories and helped with formatting the ebook. It is available NOW, HERE on Amazon. Here is my review–I was privileged to read the whole volume during the formatting process.

This anthology presents over one hundred micro-stories from a broad range of authors, spanning the genre from poetry to flash fiction with entire story arcs contained in tiny word counts. Flash fiction is a tricky art requiring that rarest of authorial traits—restraint. I was impressed by the variety and valor of the The Flashdogs. An interesting rhythm unifies this collection. Each writer had up to three short independent pieces, followed by a prompt piece, which was dependent on a photograph presented at the front of the book. I enjoyed the pieces written for the prompt; it was fascinating to see how thirty-four different imaginations reacted to one image.

Story highlights included: Witch Pegs by David Shakes, a creepy piece that chilled me to my bones; Rain Dance by Beth Deitchman, a vivid, well-told tale; The Writer’s Mill, by Casey Rose Frank, darkly funny and striking; On The Web by Jacki Donnellan, a simple yet potent piece; The Code by Rebekah Postupak, a fully realized fantasy tale; Issue P14 by Elaine Marie McKay, science fiction looking at the all-too-human tendencies of desperate parents; Glassfire by Chris Milam, an edgy look behind the curtain of addiction; and Lilies by Eric Martell, a story that explored the horrors of virulent illness.

If you’ve never read flash fiction before, Flashdogs would be a good place to start to see a spectrum of its possibilities.


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