February Review

In order to keep myself on track, I make monthly do-lists for my writing. I’m going to be posting them here for accountability.

February’s do list was:

1) Finish revision on Lethemia Book 4 (seven book fantasy series) and send to Christine (early beta reader). Check! I did this and Christine already gave me a slew of excellent and useful feedback.

2) Revise The Gantean based on feedback from latest readers: Check, mostly. I finished the in line comments yesterday, but I still have some big picture tweaking to work through. I will do some of that today but I probably won’t be officially finished until next week.

3) Send The Gantean to Beth for beta read. This one has to wait until I’m done with the revision, so I’m adding it to my March list.

4) New writing. I did a little new writing, though not as much as I wanted.

5) Finalize blurbs for The Velocipede Races. I spent the past two months asking for blurbs for my sports action femme-punk bicycle romance which will be published by Microcosm Publishing sometime next year. I collected seven blurbs, so goal met!

6) Beta-read/edit Tamara Shoemaker’s Kindle the Flame, a YA fantasy story with dragons and romance. Done! Tamara’s book was a great read. She plans to release it sometime this spring.

7) Draw and edit map for The Gantean. I didn’t get to this one, though I have a rough draft map ready to go. I’m helping Tamara with her map for Kindle the Flame, so I plan to combine these map-making activities into one task for March.

And here is my do list for March:

1) Finish revision on The Gantean and send to Beth for reading.

2) Read The Gantean on my kindle for flow.

3) Revise Lethemia Book 2.

4) New writing. Possibly begin Lethemia Book 7 since I finally had an idea about it, thanks to feedback and discussion from Christine after her comments from Book 4.

5) Maps for The Gantean and Kindle the Flame.

6) Beta-read Tony Caruso’s massively revised A Town Called the End. I beta read for him last year, so this is a second go. Looking forward to it!

7) If I have any time left over (ha ha!) I want to read through Lethemia Book 5, which has been stewing in rough draft form for over a year.


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