Mayday, Mayday

It’s May 1st and so it must be time for GOALS.

Last month I proposed to succeed at six goals. Here’s how I did:

1) New writing. Yes, though this one was a bit of a slog. I hit the slow part of my process on the draft of Lethemia Book 6, which always occurs around 35,000 words. But I persevered and managed to meet my word count goals.

2) Flashdog stories. CHECK! I  finished the two I have decided to use and sent them to Beth for a first read.

3) Format and review Kindle the Flame. CHECK! You can pre-order Tamara’s first epic fantasy novel now on Amazon. The print files are in review as I write this.

4) Revise The Cedna, Lethemia book 2. CHECK! I began and got halfway through my Cedna revision. I will continue next month.

5) Edit for Joel Hedgepeth. CHECK! Read and reviewed. Such an interesting story!

6) The Gantean revision. Half-check. Beth got the book back to me mid-month, and I applied her suggestions and made some edits, but I have not yet begun the last revision. That will go on my May goals, below.


1) New writing

2) Finish Cedna revision and send Cedna to beta-readers. Let me know if you wish to beta-read! It would help if you’ve read a draft of The Gantean, as they are a duet.

3) Submit fully revised Flashdogs stories. Begin Flashdogs project– I am the formatter/book designer. This will be fun and probably a little complicated.

4) Do final Gantean revision and prep for late June publication! Are you interested in receiving an advance review copy of The Gantean in exchange for a review on your blog/Amazon/Goodreads? Let me know! I’m also interested in trading book reviews with those of you who have novels out in the wild. Contact me: emily (at) luminouscreaturespress (dot) com.


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