Deep Breath

Last month I finished applying the edits from Beth on my latest revision of The Gantean, my fantasy novel of many faces. This poor little book–or not so little, since it was once 250,000 words–has been through so many revisions. BUT! BUT! I really think this last revision did the trick. I had some fantastic suggestions from beta-readers Beth Deitchman, Christine Kam-Lynch, Harrison Aye, and Tony Caruso. I’ve tightened plots and magic systems and done away with extraneous subplots and unneeded information. I’ve addressed character flaws and inconsistencies, except for the ones I like too much to abandon. I’ve edited every damned sentence multiple times. I’ve even patiently let the book marinate in its own juices for several weeks.

So now it’s time to take a deep breath, grind the new version through the Kindle Previewer, and read it myself for possibly the final time before publishing! I told Christine Kam-Lynch, project manager extraordinaire, my pub date goal (not to be mentioned publicly just yet, as everyone knows you must keep your big goals secret) so I must keep my nose to the ground like a hounddog to meet that secret goal, or I’ll have the to face the terror of a Project Manager’s wrath.

Wish me luck! I’m converting the file as this blog publishes. One last deep breath and I’m diving in.


2 thoughts on “Deep Breath

  1. Personally, I’m holding you to the pub date. No, I won’t share either. Tell a project manager a goal, it becomes a target, a milestone, and now you are held accountable. Countdown begins! Shall we do weekly status checks???


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