Lethemia Map


I’m so thrilled with this map of my fantasy world, Lethemia, that I actually couldn’t wait to share it until it was officially finished. My friend–and artist extraordinaire–Maya Jensen drew it for me and I’ve been adding the text this evening to decompress after work. The first book in the series is coming in June 2015.


3 thoughts on “Lethemia Map

  1. Dear Emily, I’ve been without interwebs connection for several days, but a new modem has gotten things back working. I was delighted with your Lethemia map; what fun. It bears a slight resemblance o Europe. Was this intentional? If you get around to reading the Mantel story I sent recently, Id be quite interested to hear what you think of it. Always, Dad Date: Tue, 12 May 2015 05:03:53 +0000 To: streetjb@hotmail.com


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