Happy Bookday!


It’s here! It’s here! Today is the day! My book, The Gantean, is celebrating its opening birthday! You can get it in ebook form immediately on Amazon, and you can order print versions from either CreateSpace or Amazon. Local people can get exclusive signed and doodled copies at Flow in Fairfax. You can also gift the book to people you know via the Amazon ebook page! Buy one! Buy two! Buy twelve!

Thank you to everyone who read versions and offered advance reviews. One meaningful way to help an indie-published author is to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads—even reviews that aren’t complimentary generate interest and discussion. So, if you feel inspired or inclined after reading, please head over to Amazon or Goodreads—or both—and leave a few lines about what you thought of The Gantean.


Author Interview: Emily June Street about The Gantean

My interview with Tamara Shoemaker about The Gantean and other matters:

Tamara Shoemaker, Freelance Editor/Author

I’ve been excited for a long time to host Emily June Street on my blog. I’ve lived in a perpetual state of amazement for her as editor, flash fiction contributor, reviewer, book formatting genius, and now author. I’ve had the privilege to read two of her books (Velo Races and The Gantean) so far, and the way she condenses heavy story into few words rivets my attention. I love her works, y’all, and I think you probably will, too, if you’re at all a fan of fantasy.

And now, here’s Emily:


(What a fun office, and… a wand collection?!?! I’m insanely jealous)

1.) In three sentences, tell me what The Gantean is about.

After being kidnapped from her stark existence on the cold island of Gante, Leila must learn to survive in a southern culture her native people disparage. In this lush, intricate society, exotic temptations…

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Spotlight: Emily June Street

Here’s my interview about writing and The Gantean for Flash! Friday. Make a comment to enter to win a copy of my latest epic fantasy!

Flash! Friday

I’m thrilled today to welcome Emily June Street to the FF mic. Why’s that name familiar?? you might ask, only a moment before scrolling back through memory and blushing as you suddenly recall her neck-high pile of Flash! Friday HMs and runners up awards, and all the accolades she’s reaped for editing prowess both for the #FlashDogs latest anthology project and for novelists like Tamara Shoemaker

Emily’s latest novel, The Ganteanis a mere four days away from publication (June 27). That would be sufficiently awesome on its own; but Emily hasn’t stopped there. Nosireebob; she’s determined to GIVE AWAY A COPY of The Gantean to a randomly chosen commenter today. So please read the interview and leave a comment. The first reader to explore the magical Gantean universe might just be… you! 

(The winner will be chosen at 7:30am Wednesday, Washington DC time.) 

Emily June Street


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There Is So Much Going On

There is always so much going on in my life but this weekend is particularly exciting. First off, on Sunday, 6/21, the two-book companion set of FLASHDOGS : SOLSTICE is coming out.

Flash Dogs Solstice front

FLASHDOGS is an amazing thing. We are a group of writers from all over the world who regularly share our super short stories via Internet flash fiction contests. The SOLSTICE books represent our second anthology, and I can truthfully say these are even better than the first one. I read and formatted them both. I worked furiously with Mark A. King, David Shakes, and Tamara Rogers to get these done and looking beautiful. I am especially pleased by a last minute story in the DARK volume called “West and East” that I co-wrote with Mark A. King. What a pleasure it was to write with him, even while we were under a fair amount of pressure. Thanks, Mark! I’d do it again any time!

Second, my latest book, The Gantean, is available for pre-order on Amazon and steadily working its way up the charts. Every pre-order pushes it up another notch, so…you know how to make me happy. Here’s that beautiful map of Lethemia by Jeremy Jensen, in case you need to get more excited:



And last, but not least, Beth and I are planning Luminous Creatures Press’s next flash fiction contest. It begins on July 2nd and will feature gorgeous and evocative pictures with one line prompts taken from The Gantean. You can see the contest rules here. Winners will receive copies of The Gantean. Do come out and play with us in July!


Spotlight: Flash Dogs–The Return!

Learn more about The FlashDogs and our upcoming double anthology, SOLSTICE : LIGHT : DARK! Interview with Flash! Friday:

Flash! Friday

We had the privilege of interviewing the FlashDogs back at the beginning of 2015 with the launch of their first anthology. When I saw they’d survived that inaugural attempt, I was impressed. But when rumors (oops, sorry guys, rumours) began circulating of a second anthology? Er, make that a two-part anthology?! Madness.

And since we always set a place at our merry table for Madness, what could we do but invite them back? Please welcome to the mic pack leaders Mark A. King and David Shakes.

**Be sure to leave a note at the end of the interview; Flash! Friday will give away a copy of a Solstice anthology, Light or Dark (winner’s choice, as is the medium: ebook or paper), to a randomly selected commenter. Full disclosure: I (Rebekah Postupak) and many particpants here at Flash! Friday have stories included in these anthologies. Note that 100%…

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The Gantean

The Gantean is now available for pre order. (And look at this pretty cover!)

streetej-300dpi-3125x4167 (1)

It’s my birthday, and to celebrate, my latest creation, The Gantean, is now available for pre-order on Amazon in ebook form! It will be delivered on June 27, 2015.

You can also add The Gantean to your “to-read shelf” on Goodreads now. Here’s its page.

Thanks to everyone who supported me to make this book happen. It has been a long time coming, and I’m very excited that it now exists!