June Goals

The month of May went by in a flurry of book-making.

My goals were:

1) New writing— I completed this one as usual. Tales of Blood & Light (Lethemia) Book Seven is shaping up to be a dark mystery plot.

2) Finish Cedna revision and send Cedna to beta-readers. I finished the revision and sent The Cedna to Beth. I polled beta-readers, but I will wait to actually send it out until next month.

3) Submit fully revised Flashdogs stories. Begin Flashdogs project– Check! Stories submitted and I’m now in the midst of the big, beefy formatting project.

4) Do final Gantean revision and prep for late June publication! Check! This took up the bulk of my time in May. Both print and ebooks of The Gantean are nearly ready for publishing. Stay tuned for cover reveal and other exciting announcements! The Gantean will be released June 27th, 2015!

June Goals:

1) Publish The Gantean

2) Start line edit for Tamara Shoemaker’s Mark of Four fantasy. I just finished my global edit on it yesterday. Now she’s revising, and we’ll do the nitty gritty starting on June 21. Another great book from Tamara!

3) FLASHDOGS! The FlashDogs have a two volume Solstice edition coming out on June 21st. I’m madly formatting both ebook and print books for them. They are already shaping up to be lovely books full of fun flash fiction.

4) NEW WRITING. I’m hoping I can draw ToB&L Book 7 to some kind of conclusion.

5) Send The Cedna to beta readers. I just need to check some formatting and collect appropriate emails.

Looks like June will be another busy month!


2 thoughts on “June Goals

  1. Fine, ambitious goals! How about adding “Send my dad at least one essay, review or picture on the general theme: Unique Men in the World”? Looking forward greatly to ordering some print copies of The Gantean. Are books three, four, five, and six in various stages of composition? Any in a complete draft yet? Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 14:17:28 +0000 To: streetjb@hotmail.com


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