Author Interview: Emily June Street about The Gantean

My interview with Tamara Shoemaker about The Gantean and other matters:

Tamara Shoemaker, Freelance Editor/Author

I’ve been excited for a long time to host Emily June Street on my blog. I’ve lived in a perpetual state of amazement for her as editor, flash fiction contributor, reviewer, book formatting genius, and now author. I’ve had the privilege to read two of her books (Velo Races and The Gantean) so far, and the way she condenses heavy story into few words rivets my attention. I love her works, y’all, and I think you probably will, too, if you’re at all a fan of fantasy.

And now, here’s Emily:


(What a fun office, and… a wand collection?!?! I’m insanely jealous)

1.) In three sentences, tell me what The Gantean is about.

After being kidnapped from her stark existence on the cold island of Gante, Leila must learn to survive in a southern culture her native people disparage. In this lush, intricate society, exotic temptations…

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