July Goals

Somehow another month flew by, and June was exceptionally busy in my world. Here were my goals:

1) Publish The Gantean. Whew! Yes! I did it! The Gantean is out in the wild, swimming through the great seas of Amazon. You can get it here.

2) Line edit for Tamara Shoemaker’s Mark of Four. Yes, I started this and got in deep. I should be finished by July 4th.

3) FLASHDOGS! Super-check! I formatted four books, total. Two ebooks, SOLSTICE: DARK and SOLSTICE: LIGHT, and the two print versions as well. The two volume set was released on June 21st.

4) NEW WRITING. Given all the publication excitement, I didn’t expect to get as far on this one as I did. Still plugging away at Tales of Blood & Light Book 7. The good news is that I got my “plot download” and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel– at least until I try to mesh this storyline into the tangled mess of books 4-6.

5) Send THE CEDNA to beta readers. Um, yeah, so…hasn’t it been hot lately? I did not do this one. I’ve come up with many excuses, but I won’t bore you with them here. I’ll have to roll this one over to next month. Bad Emily.


1) NEW WRITING: I’m really looking forward to buckling down on ToB&L 7, getting it to about 80,000 words, and then starting to unwind the final knot of books 4-7. If I have time, I’d love to get out of Lethemia occasionally and into a draft I’ve tentatively called The Fifth Sister. There’s also a story lurking in my head for my seven-year-old twin nieces who have just joined Goodreads.

2) THE CEDNA: I want to do a minor revision now that I have Beth’s feedback in hand, and then, for real, it’s going out to beta readers.

3) PROMOTE THE GANTEAN Self-explanatory, though the thought makes me feel…oogey.

4) FINISH LINE EDIT on Tamara Shoemaker’s Mark of Four: Easy peasy, it’s almost done right now.

5) Begin much needed REVISION on ToB&L Book 3. I even have a plan.

6) CONTEST Luminous Creatures Press is hosting a summer flash fiction contest. I’m judging round 1 (starts July 2nd, tomorrow!) Join in the flash fiction summer fun!


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