Fresh Pulp: Pedal Zombies


With all this talk of fantasy books and flash fiction contests, there just hasn’t been enough fresh, straight pulp in my life lately.

PEDAL ZOMBIES is here to fix that.

My story, “Breeders,” about the coming reproductive apocalypse, zombie sex, and miraculous getaway machines (aka bicycles), is included.

Become a Kickstarter supporter if you dare!


2 thoughts on “Fresh Pulp: Pedal Zombies

  1. Dear Emily, So much happening with you and Luminous Creatures! I have not figured out how to get to the text of your story in Pedal Zombies. Can you show me? The odd pictures of you in these connections leave me smiling but with a certain dis-ease. Really enjoyed the Steph Ellis winning story “The Return”. Do you think it would have added a disturbing nuance if it had been Grandpa instead of Grandma under the axe? Your second season of summer flash fiction seems off to a rousing start. Congratulations. Did you notice that Anna and Maisie listed four books on Goodreads? Nancy is home from her cruise, tired but well. She liked Scotland best. I’ve seen no articles worth clipping for you. Ever, Dad Date: Wed, 8 Jul 2015 03:50:24 +0000 To:


    • Hi Dad: Pedal Zombies is not available yet. It is being published by a different publisher, not LCP. It will be a print edition. I’ll let you know when it is available.


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