Pedal Zombies: New Rewards

I am offering some seriously awesome rewards for the Pedal Zombies Kickstarter.

Look for the rewards in the right hand column of the page, where my offerings are:

Signed and doodled copies of The Gantean!

A full MS edit (global, line, copy), PLUS professional grade ebook formatting for mobi and epub (this is such a deal, people)!!

One very rare passive stretching session that must be used at my Pilates studio in Fairfax, CA. I offer only about 15 of these sessions a year beyond my regular clientele, and this is the LAST ONE for 2015. It’s basically a unicorn.

I hope you’ll consider snagging one of these incredible rewards. You will also get a copy of the book, PEDAL ZOMBIES, in which I have a creepy dystopian story called “The Breeders.”




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