September 2015 Goals

It’s the last day of August, and it must be time to review goals and make new ones. I had a very productive month of August, although my plans shifted around a little thanks to new book-making news.

In August I planned to:

1) Do new writing: Yes. I got ToB&L 7 to a reasonable stopping point, and now I need to really get to work on the giant plot knot tangle of the endings of the final 4 books.

2) 4-5 Pilates blog posts: Check! I posted a total of six times to the new Pilates blog, mostly exercises, but a few thoughts as well.

3) The Gantean process blog and promo: By the skin of my teeth I worked up my nerve and posted my Gantean Blog.

4) ToB&L 3 Revision: Check! I got through this one pretty easily and cut about 10,000 words.

5) Client line edit: I only got the MS for this yesterday, so I’ll roll it over into next month.

6) Finish researching costs and benefits of making paperbacks with IngramSpark as well as Createspace. Check! I didn’t find that producing with Ingram would be a good idea for me right now.

In August I also agreed to format Tamara Shoemaker’s Mark of Four, and got about halfway through that project. I began beta reading Tony Caruso’s massive A Town Called the End and got about a quarter of the way through that. I also began some restructuring work on my Tales of Blood & Light Book Four, so I’ve been a busy bee.

Here are my September goals:

  1. New writing: I’d like to shift gears and work on something not ToB&L-related for a while, so that means I’ll have to read one of my half-manuscripts to get my bearings to start some new work.
  2. Continue ToB&L Book Four structuring. Basically I’m taking two books and turning them into one.
  3. 4-5 posts on Pilates Blog
  4. Finish beta read for Tony Caruso.
  5. Finish formatting for Tamara Shoemaker
  6. Start to revise The Cedna based on beta reader feedback. Notes are slowly trickling in from beta readers– I expect this one to roll over into October.
  7. Start line edit for Joel Hedgepeth.
  8. Write one promotional blog for new version of The Velocipede Races. You can add it to your want to read list on Goodreads!

That’s a pretty ambitious list for a single month, so I’m off to get to work!


One thought on “September 2015 Goals

  1. Liebe Tochter, As always, it is quite fascinating to read your summation of the months efforts and the plans and hopes for the upcoming period. It seems you always do quite well in meeting your self-given goals. Do you ever feel that you are spreading yourself too wide/thin with all your diverse literary activities? Somehow you seem to accomplish much in each realm. Nancy is wondering what the reaction has been to your prospective cover illustration for The Cedna? I wonder too. I have been especially enjoying all your Pilates blog entries. And I still greatly enjoy my own paltry efforts at classes at NYF. Thoughts of you and your two companeros. Dein alter Vater Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2015 14:05:23 +0000 To:


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