October Goals

Another fast, busy month has flown by. I got a lot done in September and I’m hoping to get even more done in October.

Last month I planned to:

New writing: This one was easily accomplished, and I enjoyed working on whatever I felt like without forcing myself to focus on any particular manuscript, so I think I’ll continue with that next month.

Continue ToB&L Book Four structuring. I’ve been slowly working on this difficult project all month. Talk about killing darlings! There is a lot that has to be cut to combine these two books into one. Basically what happened is that I told the same story from two different points of view, and now I’m trying to combine them to tell the story in an alternating pov structure in one book. I still have work to do here, so I’ll roll this over into next month.

4-5 posts on Pilates Blog. Check. I’m posting one new exercise a week.

Finish beta read for Tony Caruso. Whew. I didn’t get this finished. (The MS is 300,000 words) but I made significant progress.

Finish formatting for Tamara Shoemaker. Check. Mark of Four is very close to its final incarnation! You’ll see an author interview with Tamara Shoemaker here on my blog in the next month, so you can learn more.

Start to revise The Cedna based on beta reader feedback. I got all the way through this revision and now The Cedna is ready for some copy editing gloss.

Start line edit for client. Early on I decided to roll this one into October, because I had to juggle my editing schedule. I replaced this with a global editing pass for a different client, and a copy edit review on my own The Velocipede Races from Elly Blue Publishing.

Write one promotional blog for new version of The Velocipede Races. Check! I wrote three in rough draft form and they are ready for my big promo push coming in November. (You’ll see why, then)

My goals for October are:

New Writing. I’m sticking with the free play mode.

Finish restructuring ToB&L Book 4

4-5 Pilates Blog Posts

Copy editing and cover/promotional planning for The Cedna

Line edits for 2 editing clients & finish beta reading

Begin new global edit for Tamara Shoemaker

Polish Velo Races blog posts for November


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