The Velocipede Races Kickstarter is UP!

My main goalĀ for the month of November is to do everything in my power to help the Kickstarter for The Velocipede Races get backed! So, in lieu of a November goals post, I’m posting the link to the Kickstarter and encouraging you to share it or back it. I’ll be posting quite a few blog posts this month talking about bikes and books, so check back hereĀ for more information on the Kickstarter soon!



The Velocipede Races

Check out the latest and final cover of The Velocipede Races (with a blurb from Cherie Priest! Squee!)


Illustrated for Elly Blue/Microcosm Publishing by Caroline Paquette.

The Kickstarter to launch this fully revised edition begins in November. Stay tuned for behind-the-scenes blog posts, the silent-movie style trailer, and excerpts!