Thank you!

Wow. I was feeling anxious leading up to the Kickstarter for The Velocipede Races, so it’s been really gratifying to watch the first week fly by and to see that we’ve already reached the initial goal of the project. So technically, the project is funded, and the book will be published. Hooray! And Huzzah! for my UK backers. I know there are a few.

SO many thanks to everyone who has already backed the project. My inbox has been full of emails telling me you’ve backed it—and every time I get one of those emails, a beaming smile stretches my face. I can’t thank you all enough!

Now there are three weeks remaining to further spread the word about the Kickstarter and get even more funding for The Velocipede Races. This was a bare bones project, but with extra funding, the book will have so much more support behind it as it launches, including a bigger print run (which means bigger distribution).

I want to call your attention to the limited reward I’ve offered in the rewards list: The EJS-Plus package. By supporting the project at the $74 level, you’ll get a copy of the book, the two Bikes in Space anthologies from EBP in which I have stories, a copy of the first in my Tales of Blood and light fantasy series AND—and this is a big AND—an early copy of ToB&L Book 2, The Cedna, AND an early copy of Sterling, Tales of Blood & Light Book 3, before it is released in June 2016! Early access, people!

In the meantime, as I’ve been telling everyone, I’ve achieved “exceeds expectations” on my O.W.L. Now I’m shooting for my “Outstanding.”

Thanks, everyone!


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