Shifting Gears, New Goals

November was all about promoting the Kickstarter for The Velocipede Races and slogging through writing 50,000 words for Nanowrimo. I managed to do both of those things, despite being plagued by a spat of migraine headaches. December promises to be a more dynamic month, and I’m finishing November with two bits of exciting news:

First, The Velocipede Races was funded, and will be published and in bookstores in April 2016! I’m so grateful to everyone who supported the project.

Second, The Cedna, Tales of Blood & Light Book 2, is coming out on December 27,  2015. It’s already up on Goodreads and available for ebook pre-order on Amazon, so run on over to add it to your shelves and pre-order it for a post-Christmas treat.


Here are my December goals:

1) Finish formatting and proofing The Cedna in print and ebook formats.

2) Promote The Cedna.

3) Major revision on ToB&L Book 3. I’m excited to announce here for the first time that the title for this book is: STERLING

4) Work on some new writing ideas

And that’s it!






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