Seven Questions : Margaret Locke : A Matter of Time

I’m happy to have romance author Margaret Locke in the hot seat for my seven questions once again. Margaret has just released her latest novel, A Matter of Time, a time-travel romance about a modern woman who ends up in Regency England. With a duke. Of course.

AMatterofTime.FrontCover copy

1.Give us a 1-2 sentence logline for your book.

A modern-day Austenite’s dream comes true when she lands in the arms of a Regency duke, only to learn some fantasies aren’t all they’re cracked up to be when he proves less than a Prince Charming.

2. This is your second novel. Which was easier to write, #1 or #2? Why?

That’s a hard question. I’d like to think this second novel was easier, just because I’d written one already, and because this is a more traditional romance, meaning the rules/format were more familiar.

However, the first book was a joy to write precisely because it was the first and I had no worries how people might receive it; I just wrote it for me. Now that the response to A Man of Character has been so overwhelmingly positive (hallelujah), I’m super-nervous about what people will think of A Matter of Time, especially since it is different in setting and somewhat in tone.

3. This book has a historical setting whereas your first had a contemporary setting. What was challenging about writing in the world of Regency England?

Trying to get the historical details right!

I’m actually a trained historian, having done all but write the dissertation in my doctoral studies of medieval Germany (though that was twenty years ago, and a completely different era). You’d think I’d have more confidence in my ability to research and represent a period – but I don’t!

I’m grateful, however, to the members of the Beau Monde, who kindly answered all sorts of elementary questions I posed to them, and to the numerous online blogs detailing some of the finer points of Regency life – as well as the large number of Regency-related books I’ve amassed here in my home.

Language issues tripped me up more than I expected – I spent hours looking up words to determine if they were in use in the period, etc., and even so, am sure I didn’t get it all right, whether the speech or the historical detail. Oh well. I’ll keep working at it!

4. Do you think you will branch out into other genres in the future, or does romance have your heart?

Romance is my one true love, and I don’t see myself straying from it. It speaks to me, and always has, and feels the most natural fit. I write in different subgenres within romance – contemporary, Regency, paranormal, etc. – which provides quite the challenge, but I don’t see myself suddenly venturing out into the fantasy or mystery or thriller worlds. It’s not who I am, and not how I write.

5. What’s your favorite time-travel novel?

I love Lynn Kurland’s books. Her Stardust of Yesterday is the ONE novel I kept when I went on a (stupid) several-year romance hiatus about ten years ago; I just couldn’t part with that book. I liked her others in the series, as well. Sheepish confession: I have yet to read or watch Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, but it’s on my list!

6. What are your writing plans and goals for 2016?

Oh, gosh, if I were better at planning and time management, I could answer that! I’d like to get at least one book out, preferably two. I have a draft of Book 4 in the series already written, as it was my National Novel Writing Month novel from 2014, and am currently writing Book 3 (again for NaNoWriMo), but it’s quite the mess and needs a lot of revamping. I also have fantasies of drafting a novella detailing the origins of Cat’s magical manuscript from A Man of Character. But we’ll see: sometimes life has other plans, especially since mom and wife are still the two main hats I wear.

7. What’s your secret superpower?

I have a superpower? If anything, it’s my ability to inhale stunning amounts of chocolate. Oh, that’s not something one should want to emulate? I’d say my powers lie in cheering others on in their writing goals. However, my husband just announced my not-so-secret superpower is talking. In his words, “We could call you Sir Talks-A-Lot.” He’s right. Bwah ha ha!


Learn more about Margaret and her books at


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