Tales of Blood & Light Boxed Set

Gantean box

A boxed set for the first two books in Tales of Blood & Light is available now. You can now get both books in one file for your kindle here. I’m not sure how long I will keep this one up for sale so if you prefer boxed sets, get it in the next few weeks. I had fun making a cover mash-up for this project.


Behind the Cover

Have a read of this blog post by the illustrator, describing the process behind the final, eye-catching cover for The Velocipede Races.

Learn why the cover is pink (some folks are addicted to pink; others love purple) and see what other colors were considered. Color can make a big difference in mood and perception. Which version was your favorite?

I was tickled to learn the name of an artistic style called “papercutting/scherenschnitte,” which is a style I love for book covers, but until now I’ve never had the right word for it.


I think my favorite aspect of the final cover is that the corset, while delicate, also appears to be partially made out of muscle.


February 2016: Goals

It’s time to review last month’s writing goals and set some new ones for February. Here’s what I planned to do in January:

  1. New Writing. Check! I added a good chunk onto my “Glitter” MS and hope to be able to draw it into a conclusion this month.
  2. LCP flash fiction contest. Check! The contest entry period ended yesterday. Beth and I will be judging over the next week or so.
  3. Revise Tales of Blood & Light Book Four. This gets a big, fat minus. I didn’t even begin. That said, I did manage to do big revisions on Book Three’s first six chapters.
  4. The Gantean and The Cedna boxed set. Check! This is pretty much ready to go. Look for its release this week or next!
  5. Flashdogs : TIME. I proofed and formatted the latest Flashdogs Anthology. You can pre-order it now; it comes out on February 8th.


February Goals:

  1. New Writing. I plan to finish/conclude my draft of “Glitter” (and hopefully give it a new and better title!)
  2. Revise Sterling: I have lots of feedback from two readers, and I want to get this MS really cleaned up and headed down the shoot for a June publication.
  3. Publish Tales of Blood & Light 1-2 boxed set.
  4. Promote and sell The Velocipede Races. I have piles of books to sell.