March Goals

Last month my goals were:

  1. New Writing. Check! I finished the rough draft of my Glitter manuscript.
  2. Revise Sterling: Check! I madly formatted a new ebook file yesterday and I have it loaded on my Kindle for a read through as one of March’s goals.
  3. Publish Tales of Blood & Light 1-2 boxed set. Check! The boxed set will be available through the end of March.
  4. Promote and sell The Velocipede Races. I feel like I earned about half a check on this one. I did manage to unload about 10 of my author copies, but I think I can do better. I’ll try to do more in March.


  1. Read and Polish Sterling ebook file and send to final readers.
  2. Line Edit and Global Edit. I have two big edits scheduled this month for clients.
  3. Mage & Source Revision. This is the working title for Tales of Blood & Light Book Four.
  4. Covers. I need to finish front and back covers for Sterling and get a teaser cover and a book description going for Mage & Source to put in the final ebook file for Sterling.

2 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Enjoying the beginning of The Velocipede Races, but I keep getting hung up on the word Riesen. Can you define it for me? Thanks!


    • Hi there: The riesen are a caste or class of people in the society Emmy lives in. They are the upper class or the “nobles” of that society. Thanks for reading! Hope this helps. The word is taken from German.


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