April Goals

The first of the month flew by me and I almost forgot to make a goals post. Here it is later, but better than never.

In March my goals were:

  1. Read and Polish Sterling ebook file and send to final readers. Check! It’s currently out being read at this moment. After this read, I’ll edit and send to Beth for it’s final proof.
  2. Line Edit and Global Edit. Check, though I finished the line edit by the skin of my teeth today.
  3. Mage & Source Revision. In progress, and going swimmingly but I’m swimming in very thick, very cold…honey.
  4. Covers. Check! I completed all the covers I was hoping to do, although they could use some fine tuning. Look for the STERLING (Tales of Blood & Light Book Three) cover reveal sometime in MAY.

April Goals:

  1. Finish MAGE & SOURCE revision.
  2. Post at least 4 new exercises to my Pilates Blog (I’ve been remiss as other activities occupied my writing hours.)
  3. Blog Post/promote official pub date of The Velocipede Races (APRIL 12!)
  4. Covers/book descriptions–continue fine tuning official covers for STERLING and teaser cover for MAGE & SOURCE and write and finalize book descriptions.
  5. Possible extra credit goal: Blog post about why I bother to do all this, anyway. It’s something I think about frequently and I’d like to corral those thoughts into essay form. At some point.



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