June 2016 Goals

June is possibly my favorite month–and not just because it’s my birth month. I also love the long hours of daylight–the bright mornings and the warm evenings.

Last month I made four modest goals:

  1. NIGHT QUEEN revision. CHECK!  What was once ToB&L, Book 5, Night Queen has dovetailed into the story I will now call ToB&L, Book 4, Mage and Source. Night Queen no longer exists, and ToB&L, Book 5, has a new working title: Light and Shadow.
  2. Post at least 4 new exercises to my Pilates Blog. CHECK. I only have about two more months at this rate to get to the end of the series.
  3. Blog Post about SOMETHING. CHECK. I posted a Seven Questions feature on Sydney Scrogham. I also have a Seven Questions blog prepped for June.
  4. THE BIGGIE: prep STERLING for print! CHECK. I am awaiting the final print proof. In the first one my map of Lethemia was a little blurry, so I am hoping my changes fixed that so it will be ready to go!

June Goals

  1. ToB&L Book 4 revision. This is likely to be on the top for the list for the next few months.
  2. Post at least 4 new exercises to my Pilates Blog. 
  3. Do publicity for STERLING. Her pub date is JUNE 27th–I have a blog and a giveaway planned, and I may be doing a few interviews on others’ blogs, too.



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