New Feature: Deleted Scenes

I do a lot of rewriting in my books. I’m fully rewriting two drafts right now, the draft for Mage & Source and the draft for Light & Shadow. Three issues had presented themselves in my original drafts for the last four books in the Tales of Blood & Light Series. The first was a relationship between two characters that was problematic; the second was a deep timeline issue; the third was the fact that the last four books were all telling the same events from different points of view and thus the storyline itself was repetitive. So…that meant rewrites on all four drafts. I’ve excised the problematic relationship so it no longer exists, restructured the timeline of the last four books, and teased out the storyline into the four books so each one tells its own story, and yet the plot arc of the series is distributed evenly over the final four books (or rather, it will be once I’m finished).

All this rewriting means that I have tons of deleted material. Some interactions and scenes I enjoyed no longer fit within the parameters of the books and cannot be used. So, in keeping with a goal of trying to post more on my blog, I’ve decided to present some of my deleted Lethemia scenes here.

They will post on occasional Mondays starting next week on 1/9. I’ll try to give a little context for the scene before hand, and I may explain why it was deleted if that seems relevant. I’d love to hear what you think of them.


One thought on “New Feature: Deleted Scenes

  1. I was very excited to read this because it’ll be like a like getting a weekly present in my inbox every week. If this happens for all of 2017, then that will be about 50 presents I get this year! I love this idea. Thanks for sharing.


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