Goals: June 2017

I’ve been calling this spring a “headwind season.” It’s been true on my bike and it’s been true in writing. Everything feels a little harder than usual. That said, my exciting news is that Mage and Source (Tales of Blood & Light 4) has finally been whittled into its final form, and it will be coming out in July.

My May goals were:

  1. LIGHT & SHADOW (ToB&L 5) revision and rewriting CHECK. I did one revision and got through about 2/3rds of another. This book is almost ready for a first reader.
  2. RE-READ The Eighth Octave Draft CHECK. There are just a few final outstanding issues to resolve, and then this book is also ready for a reader.
  3. FINISH various formatting jobs CHECK.


My June goals are a bit more ambitious:

  1. MAGE & SOURCE Final read through! The ebook is formatted an waiting to be read on my kindle!
  2. Prep LIGHT & SHADOW and THE EIGHTH OCTAVE and send to readers.
  3. Formatting jobs. (There’s always the next in the cue.)
  4. BEGIN Tales of Blood & Light BOOK SIX revision.
  5. Promote Mage & Source pre-order. If it isn’t on the list, it won’t get done.

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