Fan Art Friday: Week Five

This week, in anticipation of meeting the woman herself at the Writer’s Digest Conference in NYC, I made fan art for Tamara Shoemaker’s Guardian of the Vale YA fantasy series.

I happened to have made the box set cover for this series already, and so I took the look I developed for the box set cover–a spired, futuristic cityscape and lush skyline lights–and translated it into covers for the three books.

This series involves elemental magic, so each cover has an elemental theme, too:

Mark of Four’s is water:



Shadows of Uprising’s is air:



And Guardian of the Vale‘s is fire:



(All images remixed under CC 2.0)



2 thoughts on “Fan Art Friday: Week Five

  1. Soooo beautiful, Emily! Great work! I especially love the sky work… in MoF’s cover, that distant dark cloud is great foreshadowing of the coming evil Alayne gets to fight. Definitely need to begin considering second editions with these covers. 🙂


  2. I don’t know what the original covers look like, but these are intriguing that I would pick up these books in a bookstore. Hmmmm, an idea – wouldn’t be great if you did a side-by-side comparison?


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