There Is So Much Going On

There is always so much going on in my life but this weekend is particularly exciting. First off, on Sunday, 6/21, the two-book companion set of FLASHDOGS : SOLSTICE is coming out.

Flash Dogs Solstice front

FLASHDOGS is an amazing thing. We are a group of writers from all over the world who regularly share our super short stories via Internet flash fiction contests. The SOLSTICE books represent our second anthology, and I can truthfully say these are even better than the first one. I read and formatted them both. I worked furiously with Mark A. King, David Shakes, and Tamara Rogers to get these done and looking beautiful. I am especially pleased by a last minute story in the DARK volume called “West and East” that I co-wrote with Mark A. King. What a pleasure it was to write with him, even while we were under a fair amount of pressure. Thanks, Mark! I’d do it again any time!

Second, my latest book, The Gantean, is available for pre-order on Amazon and steadily working its way up the charts. Every pre-order pushes it up another notch, so…you know how to make me happy. Here’s that beautiful map of Lethemia by Jeremy Jensen, in case you need to get more excited:



And last, but not least, Beth and I are planning Luminous Creatures Press’s next flash fiction contest. It begins on July 2nd and will feature gorgeous and evocative pictures with one line prompts taken from The Gantean. You can see the contest rules here. Winners will receive copies of The Gantean. Do come out and play with us in July!



June Goals

The month of May went by in a flurry of book-making.

My goals were:

1) New writing— I completed this one as usual. Tales of Blood & Light (Lethemia) Book Seven is shaping up to be a dark mystery plot.

2) Finish Cedna revision and send Cedna to beta-readers. I finished the revision and sent The Cedna to Beth. I polled beta-readers, but I will wait to actually send it out until next month.

3) Submit fully revised Flashdogs stories. Begin Flashdogs project– Check! Stories submitted and I’m now in the midst of the big, beefy formatting project.

4) Do final Gantean revision and prep for late June publication! Check! This took up the bulk of my time in May. Both print and ebooks of The Gantean are nearly ready for publishing. Stay tuned for cover reveal and other exciting announcements! The Gantean will be released June 27th, 2015!

June Goals:

1) Publish The Gantean

2) Start line edit for Tamara Shoemaker’s Mark of Four fantasy. I just finished my global edit on it yesterday. Now she’s revising, and we’ll do the nitty gritty starting on June 21. Another great book from Tamara!

3) FLASHDOGS! The FlashDogs have a two volume Solstice edition coming out on June 21st. I’m madly formatting both ebook and print books for them. They are already shaping up to be lovely books full of fun flash fiction.

4) NEW WRITING. I’m hoping I can draw ToB&L Book 7 to some kind of conclusion.

5) Send The Cedna to beta readers. I just need to check some formatting and collect appropriate emails.

Looks like June will be another busy month!

Flashdogs 2015 Solstice Anthology


The second Flashdogs anthology is in the works. This one’s theme is Solstice, and it will contain the work of more than 30 writers of flash fiction from around the world, including me and my LCP partner Beth Deitchman.

Spearheaded by two lovely gentlemen from Great Britain, Mark A. King and David Shakes, Flashdogs is a collective of stellar writers who write super short stories. The word limit for this anthology is 1000 words or less. All proceeds go to charity.

Tam Rogers produces the gorgeous artwork for the Flashdogs’ covers and promotion.

I’m working furiously on my three solstice stories in the tiny snippets of time I have before work on Saturdays and Mondays.


I can’t believe it’s already time to review my March goals and set my April ones. But here it is, 5:30 am on April 1st!

I had seven goals for March, since seven is the most magical number. Let’s see how I did:

1) Finish revision on The Gantean and send to Beth for reading. CHECK! I did this. I feel proud that I did, too, because I nearly slacked off and decided to wait. Christine Kam-Lynch gave me a special email prod (as she does so well) to get it done, not to mention a small pep talk about following through on my Lethemia Fantasy series.

2) Read The Gantean on my kindle for flow. This one I did not do. I decided to wait until after Beth does her read on it to stagger our readings. We both agreed that this is likely to catch more issues and have fewer mistakes slip through the cracks. The Gantean is a complicated book that has been changed many times, so continuity issues are rampant.

3) Revise Lethemia Book 2. Oh, dear. I didn’t get to this one, either.

4) New writing. Possibly begin Lethemia Book 7 since I finally had an idea about it, thanks to feedback and discussion from Christine after her comments from Book 5. SUPER CHECK! This is where a great deal of my time went this month. I wrote 22,000 words in Lethemia Book 7 and rewrote the first 30,000 words of Lethemia Book 5. I also drafted three short stories for the Flashdogs’s next anthology.

5) Maps for The Gantean and Kindle the Flame. CHECK! I got smart on this one and outsourced my Lethemia maps to my friend Maya, a supremely talented artist from Paonia, Colorado, and I helped Tamara Shoemaker with a simple map for her upcoming Heart of a Dragon Series.

6) Beta-read Tony Caruso’s massively revised A Town Called the End. CHECK! I finished Tony’s book in a flash and sent him a global overview and chapter by chapter commentary. He’s now working furiously on even more revisions, I’m sure. I promised him when I started reading for him that he would learn to love revisions, and I think it’s working.

7) If I have any time left over (ha ha!) I want to read through Lethemia Book 5, which has been stewing in rough draft form for over a year. CHECK! I not only read over it, I am a third of the way through a full rewrite. See Goal #4 above.

In March I also did my line edit on Tamara’s Kindle the Flame. We pushed, editing 2-4 chapters a day. Tamara was awesome and worked so hard, and we finished the edit by the skin of our teeth on March 31st! I’ve been taking on more editing and reading jobs in the past few months and really enjoying it.


Here are my goals for April 2015:

1) New writing, always. I expect this month I’ll focus on Lethemia books 7 and 5, since I’m on a roll with them.

2) Flashdog stories. I’m writing three stories based on picture prompts and the theme of solstice for the next Flashdogs anthologies. All three stories are drafted, but, as usual, they need major word count reductions, further proof that my talents lie well outside the limits of flash fiction. We aren’t talking 100 word revisions, either. All three stories need at least 1000 words taken out to qualify.

3) Format and review Kindle the Flame. Tamara’s goal is a May 1st pre-order run and a June 1st publication date. This will be easy to achieve.

4) Revise The Cedna, Lethemia book 2. I didn’t do it last month, so I must do it this month. I should probably tell Christine Kam-Lynch to prod me.

5) I have an edit scheduled with Joel Hedgepeth on his novel about a pharmacist who inherits a house from one of his clients and gets entangled in a court battle. It’s not my normal reading, but I’m looking forward to the variety.

6) Depending on Beth’s turnover time, I may try to revise The Gantean based on her remarks and do my read-through on the kindle.

I’m going to stick with six goals this month since last month that’s  what I was able to complete.

2014 Recap and 2015 Vision

2014 was a big year for me on the editing/revisions front. After a slow start—Apple ate my computer for six weeks—I completely revised my book, The Gantean, and the next book in my Lethemia Fantasy series, The Cedna. I finished and revised the third book in that series as well! All of these drafts are currently in the beta reading phase of their existence, like little chrysalises waiting to become butterflies. Or so I hope.

This year I created a new, special edition of The Velocipede Racesanother revision! The new version is planned for a December 2015 release by a medium-sized press. More info about that will come down the road.

I wrote a lot of short stories in 2014. Most were for flash fiction contests; some were for submissions or just for fun. Partnering with other flash aficionados, I helped produce the flash fiction anthology, Flashdogs. Two of my stories, “The Painted Dog” and “Accidental Bodies,” were featured there. Some of you may recognize yet another revision—I took my short story, “The Painted Dog,” down from 10,000 words to under 4000. Whew! I also wrote some bike-themed short fiction for another volume of EBP’s Bikes in Space coming next year.

LCP created our own anthology, Five Hundred Words of Magic, from the stories submitted for our Winter of Whimsy and Wyrdness contest. I produced that anthology along with Beth D, and it will available in a mere week on most ebook platforms. Look for it January 3rd.

My biggest accomplishment this year was publishing my second novel, Secret Room, a dark book that wasn’t the easiest story to channel or put out there for the world to see. Thank you to the readers and commenters who offered support for a book with an uncomfortable theme.

As for 2015, I have big goals. I hope to publish The Gantean and The Cedna, and possibly Lethemia Book Three. I want to write flash fiction regularly, and I’ve committed to formatting and copy-editing the second volume of Flashdogs.

I’ve still got plenty of my own editing and revising to do, what with Lethemia books four through seven in the queue. I also have two big, very important goals: to finish drafting at least one of the many half-written novels littering my desktop, and to write a Pilates book for LCP’s first foray into nonfiction.

Seems like 2015 will be an even busier year than 2014! Wish me luck.

More Flashdogs Fun


I spent the past week formatting the Flashdogs ebook. The alpha dogs at FDHQ just sent out this teaser image by Tam Rogers and Carlos Orozco, which lists all the authors–thirty-four of them!–who have stories in the anthology. I got to read the entire book early as I proofed it, and I’m happy to say it reads really well. All the stories were a great, diverse lot, stretching from the nearly literary to the fully comedic. I can’t wait to see the final version coming soon in December.

Coming Soon!

Flashdogs-1-facebook (1)

I will have two stories in this anthology coming out in December 2014. The anthology gathers a wide range of flash writers from the international community and will surely be a great read. I’ll let you know as I know the exact release date, but it is expected to be mid-December.

I’m also helping out with the ebook design, and it has been a treat to work with the book’s two main editors, Mark A. King and David Shakes. Follow @Flashdogs for updates about the anthology and future Flashdogs projects.

The image above is by Tam Rogers. Please do not reproduce without permission.