Pitching My Book to Agents: The Writer’s Digest Conference and Pitch Slam

Here’s a lovely blog my friend Morgan Vega wrote about her experience at the 2017 Writer’s Digest Conference. I roomed with her and the brilliant Tamara Shoemaker, and we were pitch-slam practicing buddies!

Morgan Vega

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Last August I did something I’ve never done before: I got on a train and went to New York to pitch my novel SLEEPING AROUND to agents.

I attended the 2017 Writer’s Digest Conference and Pitch Slam.

The below are pictures of me and my amazing, talented, supportive (I could go on) writing friends after getting on and a bit after getting off the train to NY. In the photo on the right, we went to a fitting-for-the-occasion literary bar. (Also, I took all of these photos on Snapchat, so heads up, they’re not super aesthetic or anything.)

Though I went with the mission to pitch my book, I attended sessions at the conference all about bettering my writing and building my platform. I got to listen to accomplished writers who have published many, many books and learn from their setbacks and successes.

Anyway, back to the point of…

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Writer’s Ink: Emily June Street

Another interview, this one from my friend Tamara Shoemaker!

Tamara Shoemaker, Freelance Editor/Author

ejsheadnew1If you follow me–at all–you’ll know Emily June Street and I have not only an intense and amazing working relationship, but a close friendship as well. You may or may not be aware, but we’ve never met in person. She lives on the West Coast, I live on the East Coast, and 2,800+ miles separate us. However, we will fix this little detail when we attend the Writer’s Digest Conference together in New York City in August 2017. Can you imagine how excited I am?!

Emily June Street is the author of six novels: The Gantean, The Cedna, Sterling, Mage and Source, Secret Room, and The Velocipede Races. She has degrees in psychology and library science, but she divides her time between teaching Pilates and exploring alternate worlds in writing. She founded Luminous Creatures Press with Beth Deitchman in 2013.

Look for…

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Goals: June 2017

I’ve been calling this spring a “headwind season.” It’s been true on my bike and it’s been true in writing. Everything feels a little harder than usual. That said, my exciting news is that Mage and Source (Tales of Blood & Light 4) has finally been whittled into its final form, and it will be coming out in July.

My May goals were:

  1. LIGHT & SHADOW (ToB&L 5) revision and rewriting CHECK. I did one revision and got through about 2/3rds of another. This book is almost ready for a first reader.
  2. RE-READ The Eighth Octave Draft CHECK. There are just a few final outstanding issues to resolve, and then this book is also ready for a reader.
  3. FINISH various formatting jobs CHECK.


My June goals are a bit more ambitious:

  1. MAGE & SOURCE Final read through! The ebook is formatted an waiting to be read on my kindle!
  2. Prep LIGHT & SHADOW and THE EIGHTH OCTAVE and send to readers.
  3. Formatting jobs. (There’s always the next in the cue.)
  4. BEGIN Tales of Blood & Light BOOK SIX revision.
  5. Promote Mage & Source pre-order. If it isn’t on the list, it won’t get done.

Goals : March : 2017

February seemed to pass too quickly! Even so, it is a great relief to have the days growing longer and to see the sun a little in the morning and the evening.

Though I worked and worked, I didn’t quite manage all my goals this past month, due in part to work and to transportation difficulties caused by landslides. Both of these sucked up some of my writing mornings. I had to let my last two goals go by the wayside entirely just to make any progress on my first two.

February goals:

  1. FINISH ToB&L Book 6 revision. CHECK, although the end is still one big snarl.
  2. REVISE Mage & Source based on new reader feedback. HALF-CHECK. I worked and worked on this and got about two-thirds through. I ended up doing more rewriting than expected.
  3. START musical magic co-write. NOPE
  4. READ through newly revised River Running and send to beta readers. NOPE

March Goals:

I’ll be keeping it simple in March as last month I obviously planned for more than I could manage.

  1. FINISH  Mage & Source  revision.
  2. START musical magic co-write.
  3. READ through newly revised River Running and send to beta readers.




Writer’s Ink: Emily June Street

I really went down some unexpected rabbit holes in this interview. For those of you who’ve always wondered what music I like and which of my characters would make a good Pilates teacher, this is for you! Many thanks to Tamara for hosting me and asking such interesting questions!

Tamara Shoemaker, Freelance Editor/Author

brickejs1Emily June Street is one of my favorite people AND one of my favorite authors, and the combination is a double-whammy. I’ve read the books she’s placed on the market thus far, and of all of them, I’m likely most excited about Sterling. Emily was kind enough to give me an intimate look at the book in its construction stages, asking me to do a developmental and line edit on the book, and I am in awe of not only the skill with which she writes, but the themes which she explores, the sheer strength of her world, and the intricacy of her magic systems and character descriptions. A master of her craft, Emily can most certainly hold her own in the annals of stellar fantasy literature.

So when I sent her my list of questions, I expected nothing less than amazing, well-thought-out answers, and Emily delivered. Come see…

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Sterling Print Version Is Here


I received my box of Sterling print copies early, so those of you who prefer print versions can get an early copy starting Monday 6/13 (my birthday!) at Flow or you can order a print version now from Amazon.

If you’d like a signed copy to pick up at Flow–or mailed to you–please contact me directly.

Ebooks will still be out on June 27. You can pre-order an ebook here.