Velocipede Versus Corset


Here’s a fun new review of The Velocipede Races from Paper Droids:

Which would you pick as a gift for yourself: a velocipede or a corset? I’m pretty sure you all can guess which I’d want…



Slug Magazine Interview

About a month ago I spoke with Davey Davis, who–among other myriad projects– writes for the Utah-based SLUG magazine. The magazine features music, bikes, extreme sports, and other underground badassery. This particular issue is the BIKE ISSUE, so if you have an interest in the wheeling life, check out the many interesting articles there.

I originally connected with Davey through a program called The Clovers Project, which is a support/mentoring project for writers at different stages of their careers. Though Davey and I did not share a “clover” (a mentoring group) we discovered we both love bicycles, and once again, the bicycle made good things happen!

Read the full interview here.

Highlights include a discussion about the romance in The Velocipede Races, more info about my thought processes while writing the book, and details about how I designed the actual races.


Behind the Cover

Have a read of this blog post by the illustrator, describing the process behind the final, eye-catching cover for The Velocipede Races.

Learn why the cover is pink (some folks are addicted to pink; others love purple) and see what other colors were considered. Color can make a big difference in mood and perception. Which version was your favorite?

I was tickled to learn the name of an artistic style called “papercutting/scherenschnitte,” which is a style I love for book covers, but until now I’ve never had the right word for it.

I think my favorite aspect of the final cover is that the corset, while delicate, also appears to be partially made out of muscle.


The Velocipede Races is here!

photo 2

I spent the weekend buried in copies of The Velocipede Races, which arrived from the printers on Friday! I signed piles of copies for the generous Kickstarter backers and a few early lucky patrons who came upon me with TVR copies in my hands at Flow.

The book is absolutely beautiful, with a gorgeous cover illustration by Caroline Paquette, a muscle-corset done in the color known as Hot Hollywood Crimson. (This must mean it’s time for Hollywood to realize a bike-racing feminist costume drama is the next big thing? Starring Emma Watson and her brother? Directed by Tim Burton?)

Backers, your rewards are coming soon via mail or hand-to-hand. The official release date for the book is April 2016, but copies are already eagerly breaking free and racing into the wild.

You can order copies directly from Microcosm Publishing here.

I have a few extra signed copies, too, so you can contact me for a signed and personalized copy.

Review or add TVR on Goodreads

The Velocipede Races on Goodreads


My quasi-historical sports-action femme-punk book, The Velocipede Races, is now on Goodreads. You can add it to your “want to read” or “read” lists to help spread the word about it, or vote for it on various lists. For those of you who don’t know, I originally published TVR through Luminous Creatures Press, but it has since been picked up by Elly Blue Publishing/Microcosm. This new edit is slated for release in April 2016, complete with three new chapters and an epilogue!

If you read and reviewed the original LCP version, I would be grateful if you would copy and paste your review into the Goodreads listing for the new version. If you are a blogger or reviewer who would like an advance review copy, please let me know.

See the book listing on Goodreads here:

The Velocipede Races

My first novel, Velo Races, started its life as a self-published book that I produced through my writing partnership, Luminous Creatures Press. In the past year it has been quietly morphing into its second, bigger incarnation.

I am thrilled to announce that in 2016 The Velocipede Races will be transformed into a new special edition produced by Elly Blue Publishing, an imprint of Microcosm, the coolest rebel press in the USA.

The Velocipede Races will be released one year from today on April 12, 2016. It will be a fiery, independent Aries, of course.

The gorgeous cover is by @littlepackage