Light and Shadow

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Tales of Blood & Light, Book Five

From darkness, light rises.

When an act of violence shatters the only family Tianiq has ever known, she flees to pursue a distant dream, leaving behind her mysterious past and her treacherous name. On her journey to become an acrobat known as Zhanna, she meets Alexander Ricknagel-Talata, a boy who offers comfort and connection even as she departs for a foreign land.

But light casts unexpected shadows.

Nine years later, while performing with a touring troupe, Zhanna returns to her native Lethemia, seeking her friend. But when she and Alex meet again as adults, social position separates them in ways it did not in childhood. Alexander lives as a Lethemian lord, while Zhanna is only an acrobat.

Forgotten truths hide where shadows play.

When a long-imprisoned mage escapes his captivity, old secrets—and enemies—emerge from the past. Alexander and Zhanna find themselves caught in a web of magic, deceit, and power. In a world that divides them, their union seems impossible, yet it may represent the only way to create a new dawn of magic and light.

Can they uncover the truth of the past in time to escape the shadows that chase them?

Luminous Creatures Press, June 5, 2018