Goals: August 2017

Oops. I really didn’t stick to my goals in July, but I didn’t just drop the ball, I simply shifted my focus.

My July Goals were:

  1. PUBLISH MAGE & SOURCE This I did accomplish, so CHECK for me. Did you buy it yet?
  2. WRITE Daughter of Fortune ending. Nope. I received my developmental edit of Light & Shadow back from Tamara Shoemaker and got overly excited about doing rewrites for that, so Light & Shadow became my ToB&L focus for the month.
  3. WRITE something else-I read over a WIP tentatively called Midnight Oil and realized Book One in the series was more or less a complete draft, and I have been slowly picking through it trying to address some of the more glaring issues in the story.
  4. CONTINUE to Promote Mage & Source pre-order. CHECK. I did several interviews this month, which I think should count as promotion. I just don’t like promotion.



  1. FINISH LIGHT AND SHADOW REVISION- This is sure to occupy most of my writing time.
  2. FINISH MIDNIGHT OIL REVIEW/REVISION- I have about 25% of the book remaining, so this is do-able.
  3. ATTEND WRITER’S DIGEST CONFERENCE AND PITCH THE EIGHTH OCTAVE!! I head to NYC on Aug 16 to attend the conference, meet Tamara my co-writer, and pitch our book!
  4. VARIOUS EDITING AND FORMATTING PROJECTSI’m reading Tamara’s latest project right now, working on a close edit of a biography, and formatting a non-fiction psychology text for a small press.

August Goals

It’s the first of the month and so I find myself doing my monthly accounting of goals. Last month I set out to complete the following goals:

1) NEW WRITING: Yes, I completed this one easily. Although I didn’t get to a conclusion on ToB&L 7, I did add about 10,000 words to it, started that new story about twins, and began a new Pilates blog.

2) THE CEDNA: Check, the revision ended up being a bigger one than I thought (of course) but I finished and sent it out!

3) PROMOTE THE GANTEAN: It was oogey, but I did post a blog about TG and its reviews. I know I need to do more on this one. I am still giving myself a full check because I did a great deal of unexpected “marketing” for the Pedal Zombies Kickstarter, including donating some awesome rewards to help entice people to support it. MOst of my rewards are now taken, but you can still opt in at the $29 level and receive a copy of Pedal Zombies AND a doodled and signed copy of The Gantean.

4) FINISH LINE EDIT ON TAMARA SHOEMAKER’S MARK OF FOUR – Check. Got it done and now she has it out to beta readers.

5) Begin much needed REVISION on ToB&L Book 3. Yes, I began this and I’ve gotten through the first ten chapters. So far, so good. I’ve cut 5000 words and hope to cut about 20,000 more. Tightening up the story flow and removing lots of inconsequential details.

6) CONTEST– Yes, the contest is rolling along. We are on Week Five and you can still submit a story for the round until 6pm PST tonight!



1) New Writing: I’ll keep cranking away on ToB&L 7.

2) 4-5 Pilates Blog Posts: Mainly I mean to post exercises people can do at home, but I’ll mix it up with some of my deep teaching thoughts, too.

3) The Gantean process blog and promo: Since I didn’t do so well on this one last month I’ll try again. I have a blog written about writing The Gantean but I’m am loath to post it. Working up the hutzpah.

4) ToB&L 3 Revision: I’d like to finish this in August.

5) Client line edit: I owe a client a line edit, and I think he’ll be returning the MS to me soon. This one will only happen if I get the MS.

6) Finish researching to costs and benefits of making paperbacks with IngramSpark as well as Createspace. I’m looking into expanding my book design skills to work with IngramSpark. I’m also trying to decide if it is really worth my while.