There Is So Much Going On

There is always so much going on in my life but this weekend is particularly exciting. First off, on Sunday, 6/21, the two-book companion set of FLASHDOGS : SOLSTICE is coming out.

Flash Dogs Solstice front

FLASHDOGS is an amazing thing. We are a group of writers from all over the world who regularly share our super short stories via Internet flash fiction contests. The SOLSTICE books represent our second anthology, and I can truthfully say these are even better than the first one. I read and formatted them both. I worked furiously with Mark A. King, David Shakes, and Tamara Rogers to get these done and looking beautiful. I am especially pleased by a last minute story in the DARK volume called “West and East” that I co-wrote with Mark A. King. What a pleasure it was to write with him, even while we were under a fair amount of pressure. Thanks, Mark! I’d do it again any time!

Second, my latest book, The Gantean, is available for pre-order on Amazon and steadily working its way up the charts. Every pre-order pushes it up another notch, so…you know how to make me happy. Here’s that beautiful map of Lethemia by Jeremy Jensen, in case you need to get more excited:



And last, but not least, Beth and I are planning Luminous Creatures Press’s next flash fiction contest. It begins on July 2nd and will feature gorgeous and evocative pictures with one line prompts taken from The Gantean. You can see the contest rules here. Winners will receive copies of The Gantean. Do come out and play with us in July!



Mayday, Mayday

It’s May 1st and so it must be time for GOALS.

Last month I proposed to succeed at six goals. Here’s how I did:

1) New writing. Yes, though this one was a bit of a slog. I hit the slow part of my process on the draft of Lethemia Book 6, which always occurs around 35,000 words. But I persevered and managed to meet my word count goals.

2) Flashdog stories. CHECK! I  finished the two I have decided to use and sent them to Beth for a first read.

3) Format and review Kindle the Flame. CHECK! You can pre-order Tamara’s first epic fantasy novel now on Amazon. The print files are in review as I write this.

4) Revise The Cedna, Lethemia book 2. CHECK! I began and got halfway through my Cedna revision. I will continue next month.

5) Edit for Joel Hedgepeth. CHECK! Read and reviewed. Such an interesting story!

6) The Gantean revision. Half-check. Beth got the book back to me mid-month, and I applied her suggestions and made some edits, but I have not yet begun the last revision. That will go on my May goals, below.


1) New writing

2) Finish Cedna revision and send Cedna to beta-readers. Let me know if you wish to beta-read! It would help if you’ve read a draft of The Gantean, as they are a duet.

3) Submit fully revised Flashdogs stories. Begin Flashdogs project– I am the formatter/book designer. This will be fun and probably a little complicated.

4) Do final Gantean revision and prep for late June publication! Are you interested in receiving an advance review copy of The Gantean in exchange for a review on your blog/Amazon/Goodreads? Let me know! I’m also interested in trading book reviews with those of you who have novels out in the wild. Contact me: emily (at) luminouscreaturespress (dot) com.

Flashdogs 2015 Solstice Anthology


The second Flashdogs anthology is in the works. This one’s theme is Solstice, and it will contain the work of more than 30 writers of flash fiction from around the world, including me and my LCP partner Beth Deitchman.

Spearheaded by two lovely gentlemen from Great Britain, Mark A. King and David Shakes, Flashdogs is a collective of stellar writers who write super short stories. The word limit for this anthology is 1000 words or less. All proceeds go to charity.

Tam Rogers produces the gorgeous artwork for the Flashdogs’ covers and promotion.

I’m working furiously on my three solstice stories in the tiny snippets of time I have before work on Saturdays and Mondays.