Goals: April 2018

I thought I was being clever by keeping my March goals short and sweet, but even so, I struggled to meet them. Sometimes life just gets too busy and it’s hard to stay on top of everything. The big wrench in the works for March was my Alaska Essays project, which I had thought was nearly done, but then late in the game needed another revision. For a book of nearly 150,000 words, another revision is a big deal and quite a few hours of work. I guess that’s what I get for leaping to the conclusion that it might be done.

Anyway, my exact goals for March were:

  • FINISH DAUGHTER of FORTUNE REWRITE: No check. I made progress, but I did not finish. I guess it will roll over into April.
  • FORMATTING PROJECT- No check. This one got cancelled entirely.
  • FINISH ALASKA ESSAYS- No check. I did, however, make solid progress on a final and unexpected revision.

April Goals:

  • FINISH DAUGHTER of FORTUNE REWRITE: One could say the saga continues.
  • ALASKA ESSAYS: I like to think I’ve learned my lesson about using the word “finish.”
  • APPLY LIGHT & SHADOW feedback and prep for publishing in May!





Fan Art Friday: Week Four

As promised, this week I am showing my next two Tales of Blood & Light alternate covers for FAN ART FRIDAY.

Sterling’s cover features the color of her aetherlight, bright yellow, and the Emerald Ophira, her special magic stone:


And Mage and Source’s cover features the Sapphire Ophira as the focal point and a blend of the narrators’ aetherlights as the background:



Fan Art Friday: Week 3

This week on Fan Art Friday, in celebration of the release of Mage and Source, I’m offering up two new covers for my own books, The Gantean and The Cedna.

My real book covers feature portraits of my narrators, but for a different concept, I decided to show the magical aspect of the books and the ongoing saga of the Ophirae stones, the connecting plot arc of the entire series of Tales of Blood & Light.

On the cover of The Gantean, you see the mysterious red Ophira stone that Leila brought with her from Gante in her “barbarian” necklace:


On the cover for The Cedna, you see the Opal Ophira, which the Cedna awakens during her tragic love affair with Onatos Amar:


These two books were originally conceived as a duet within the series, and I like to think these new covers reflect that, with aspects of the images reflecting each other, the watery center of The Cedna‘s stone matching the watery background of The Gantean.

Next week I’ll reveal the Ophirae covers for Sterling and Mage and Source.

Fan Art Friday

This week I’ve spent some time making use of my new Photoshop subscription, experimenting with images to make faux/alternate book covers for some of my friends’ books. It’s been so fun I’ve decided to try to do it as a feature for the next few weeks.

So, welcome to FAN ART FRIDAY!

First off, we have the image that began it all, for Allison K. García’s Vivir El Dream.  This idea for this image came into my head on Wednesday while I was walking to meet my carpool, and I couldn’t get it out until I made it!



Then I made a set of three covers for Tamara Shoemaker’s Heart of a Dragon series. A lot of YA-fantasy books have two sets of covers, one set a big, bold, colorful free-for-all that is eye-catching and directed towards the younger readers, and another that is discreet and elegant, for the grown-ups who still love to read YA-fantasy (guilty here). These are my take on the “grown-ups-can-read-these-at-the-airport” version of Tamara’s titles.




I hope you enjoyed this episode of FAN ART FRIDAY. I’ve already started two covers for next week.

Image credits:

“Take me to the zombies” CC 2.0 by Esparta Palma
“The Hungry Mexican Restaurant on Bolton Street” CC 2.0 by William Murphy
“Carina Nebula” public domain
“American Flag background” public domain
“Nightfall of London” CC 2.0 by H. Michael Miley
“Fire (III)” CC 2.0 by H.P. Brinkman
“Fire! Fire!” CC 2.0 by Michael Mol

Dragon pendant image by freeimages.com/profile/ladraco

April Goals

The first of the month flew by me and I almost forgot to make a goals post. Here it is later, but better than never.

In March my goals were:

  1. Read and Polish Sterling ebook file and send to final readers. Check! It’s currently out being read at this moment. After this read, I’ll edit and send to Beth for it’s final proof.
  2. Line Edit and Global Edit. Check, though I finished the line edit by the skin of my teeth today.
  3. Mage & Source Revision. In progress, and going swimmingly but I’m swimming in very thick, very cold…honey.
  4. Covers. Check! I completed all the covers I was hoping to do, although they could use some fine tuning. Look for the STERLING (Tales of Blood & Light Book Three) cover reveal sometime in MAY.

April Goals:

  1. Finish MAGE & SOURCE revision.
  2. Post at least 4 new exercises to my Pilates Blog (I’ve been remiss as other activities occupied my writing hours.)
  3. Blog Post/promote official pub date of The Velocipede Races (APRIL 12!)
  4. Covers/book descriptions–continue fine tuning official covers for STERLING and teaser cover for MAGE & SOURCE and write and finalize book descriptions.
  5. Possible extra credit goal: Blog post about why I bother to do all this, anyway. It’s something I think about frequently and I’d like to corral those thoughts into essay form. At some point.


Behind the Cover

Have a read of this blog post by the illustrator, describing the process behind the final, eye-catching cover for The Velocipede Races.

Learn why the cover is pink (some folks are addicted to pink; others love purple) and see what other colors were considered. Color can make a big difference in mood and perception. Which version was your favorite?

I was tickled to learn the name of an artistic style called “papercutting/scherenschnitte,” which is a style I love for book covers, but until now I’ve never had the right word for it.


I think my favorite aspect of the final cover is that the corset, while delicate, also appears to be partially made out of muscle.