Goals: May 2017

Somehow May crept up on me very quickly. The sun is finally shining in California, which should help me get up earlier and get more writing done.

Last month’s goals were:

  1. LIGHT & SHADOW (ToB&L 5) revision and rewriting. I got about halfway through this, as a sudden adventure in Twitter pitching forced me to shift gears to do a revision on The Eighth Octave instead. I finished the EO revision, so I’ll count this as a CHECK!
  2. FINISH draft of musical magic co-write. Not only did Tamara and I finish it– we did a massive revision AND submitted a pitch. CHECK! 
  3. ODDS & ENDS (this includes working on some editing and formatting projects for others, mainly). Odds & Ends turned into a bigger category with a couple unexpected formatting jobs. I’m getting them done. CHECK!

Goals for May are:

  1. LIGHT & SHADOW (ToB&L 5) revision and rewriting FINISH
  2. RE-READ The Eighth Octave Draft
  3. FINISH various formatting jobs

Pedal Zombies: New Rewards

I am offering some seriously awesome rewards for the Pedal Zombies Kickstarter.

Look for the rewards in the right hand column of the page, where my offerings are:

Signed and doodled copies of The Gantean!

A full MS edit (global, line, copy), PLUS professional grade ebook formatting for mobi and epub (this is such a deal, people)!!

One very rare passive stretching session that must be used at my Pilates studio in Fairfax, CA. I offer only about 15 of these sessions a year beyond my regular clientele, and this is the LAST ONE for 2015. It’s basically a unicorn.

I hope you’ll consider snagging one of these incredible rewards. You will also get a copy of the book, PEDAL ZOMBIES, in which I have a creepy dystopian story called “The Breeders.”