I drew a map of Galantia, the High City, to include in Mage and Source. I think it will go well with the two other maps, one of Lethemia and one of the East, drawn by my friend Jermey Jensen (see his maps below, labeled “Lethemia” and “The East”).

All the maps are hand-drawn.

I also drew a map of Solmari (last map), another fantasy world that I co-wrote with Tamara Shoemaker (that book is called The Eighth Octave). Tamara and I are currently tweet pitching The Eighth Octave in various forums over on Twitter.

galantiamap2 copy


THeEastSterling copy

solmari copy


Lethemia Map


I’m so thrilled with this map of my fantasy world, Lethemia, that I actually couldn’t wait to share it until it was officially finished. My friend–and artist extraordinaire–Maya Jensen drew it for me and I’ve been adding the text this evening to decompress after work. The first book in the series is coming in June 2015.