Tales of Blood & Light Boxed Set

Gantean box

A boxed set for the first two books in Tales of Blood & Light is available now. You can now get both books in one file for your kindle here. I’m not sure how long I will keep this one up for sale so if you prefer boxed sets, get it in the next few weeks. I had fun making a cover mash-up for this project.


The Cedna available for Pre-Order

Pre-order The Cedna here!


If you haven’t yet heard, Tales of Blood & Light, Book Two, THE CEDNA, is up on Amazon and ready for pre-orders. It’ll be delivered on 12-27-2015.

I have the print proof in hand as I write, and it is looking fantastic. If you love physical books and wish to pre-order a signed and doodled flesh and bones (er, paper and ink, I mean) copy direct from me, just let me know! The cost is $9.99. For Marin/California people, I should be able to have the books to you in time for Christmas gifts.

And here’s a top secret fact: for the next five days, THE GANTEAN, Tales of Blood & Light, Book One ebook is available for a free download at Amazon. FREE!

I’m off to work on revisions to BOOK 3! I’m stuck at home with a bad head cold that’s preventing me from lying down, so I may as well be upright and editing.






Summer of Super Short Stories Week Seven

This is the second to last week for SSS 2 over at LCP. Don’t miss a chance to win your badge!

As always the line prompts come from my book, The Gantean. This week’s prompt, “death comes to everything,” is a Gantean expression one of the Gantean Elders says to Leila, the book’s main character,  to explain the necessary balance in the natural world.

I picked the image because it reminded me of Leila, who is teased and called “birdgirl” by other Ganteans because she is small.

I can wait to see what stories emerge from picture an prompt. If you’d like to submit a story, do so here in reply to LCP’s post.

The prompts are:

“death comes to everything”


Image credit: Nereid by Claire Elizabeth Flickr CC 2.0 
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Gantean Reviews


Reviews are trickling in for The Gantean.

For those of you who like to read them (Dad?), here are links to a few of them:

Amazon Review 1

Amazon Review 2

Amazon Review 3

Goodreads Review 1

Goodreads Review 2

Goodreads Review 3

Have you read The Gantean yet? If so, add your review to either site! There are still opportunities to win free print copies by participating in Luminous Creatures Press’s Summer of Super Short Stories contest.

I’m madly editing the sequel to The Gantean, called The Cedna, as I write this, and I’m hoping to have it ready for a late Fall 2015 release. Next month I might even get specific about dates in my “Goals” post.

Extra: I know there must be at least a few women out there who read The Gantean and thought…I wish I could see a picture of all those ball gowns. Check out my pinterest board, Lethemian fashion, to see how I envision what those profligate sayantaq southerners might wear.

Summer of Super Short Stories Week Three

Week three prompts are up at Luminous Creatures Press. Head over there to submit a story of 350 words. The line prompt is from my book, The Gantean:

“The truth is complicated

Crossed Fingers II

Image credit: Crossed Fingers II by Katie Tegtmeyer  flickr CC 2.0
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Happy Bookday!


It’s here! It’s here! Today is the day! My book, The Gantean, is celebrating its opening birthday! You can get it in ebook form immediately on Amazon, and you can order print versions from either CreateSpace or Amazon. Local people can get exclusive signed and doodled copies at Flow in Fairfax. You can also gift the book to people you know via the Amazon ebook page! Buy one! Buy two! Buy twelve!

Thank you to everyone who read versions and offered advance reviews. One meaningful way to help an indie-published author is to write a review on Amazon or Goodreads—even reviews that aren’t complimentary generate interest and discussion. So, if you feel inspired or inclined after reading, please head over to Amazon or Goodreads—or both—and leave a few lines about what you thought of The Gantean.