The Cedna

Beautiful, captivating, with scenes of enormous power—The Cedna is a fantasy tour de force. —Beth Deitchman, author, Regency Magic Series

“Intense and riveting, The Cedna hits every point on the emotional spectrum. Fantastic world, and deeply soul-moving. Street has woven another masterpiece.” –Tamara Shoemaker, author, Kindle the Flame and Mark of Four

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In a world governed by magic, blood, and light, a rebellious woman selected by her people to serve as a sacrifice desperately seeks a different solution to save her waning culture.


Tales of Blood & Light, Book Two

Every Cedna is born to die, paying the balance that keeps magic alive.

This Cedna desires a different path, free from the pain that comes with the sacred duty.

As Gante faces destruction at the hands of Lethemian raiders, she fights against her fate as a ritual sacrifice.

Though dangers loom on every side, the Cedna travels south in a desperate diplomatic bid to protect the island.

Ethnic prejudices, old animosities, and a handsome stranger who pulls on her with a magical bond quickly overturn her plans, leading the Cedna on a world-shattering adventure of love, heartbreak, and war.

Every choice is final.

Published December 27, 2015

Luminous Creatures Press